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Patriotic Christmas Flowers

While the holiday season is typically a joyful time of merriment and glad tidings, for many who have lost loved ones, it can be a grievous time remembering those who are no longer here. For these individuals, the Wreaths Across America wreath-laying program offers comfort in the form of ceremony. Performed originally at Arlington National Cemetery, this ceremony is now conducted in hundreds of locations across the nation and abroad. For many families of veterans, this day can be one of healing and purpose, allowing them to memorialize their fallen hero’s sacrifice and service in a heart-warming tribute. The floral artisans at Shotwell Floral have a beautiful collection of patriotic Christmas flowers and wreaths dedicated to helping you celebrate the season as you see fit.

A lovely twist on a classic favorite is our Royal Wreath, a beautiful design featuring wide bright leaves and bear grass accenting red roses for a truly spectacular display of beauty and honor. Display this elegant design in a place of honor in your home or on your loved one’s final resting place as a tribute to the life of honor they lived.

As you start a new tradition with your family this season, let the holidays bring a renewed sense of purpose with a joyful gratitude. The floral experts at Shotwell Floral are eager to help you find the perfect floral bouquet or wreath for your holiday season.