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Posted by shotwell florist on September 10, 2018 Uncategorized

September Is Self-Care Awareness Month: Get Plants!

September is self-care month and we have some great ideas about using plants to create harmony and balance for you. Since plants produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, they create an environment that helps you focus better. Surrounding yourself with beautiful potted plants or dish gardens at work can actually freshen the air around you, relaxing and calming you and your coworkers. For a healthy gift option, have desktop plants delivered to coworkers for holidays and birthdays. Fargo florist Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse suggests perusing our wide selection of gorgeous plants for your office environment.

A gorgeous option that will draw the eye, focus the mind and refresh the senses is our 8” Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant. Low-maintenance and easy-going, this tough plant adapts easily to its environment. Help these wide leaves and bright greens thrive by placing near warm sunshine and keeping it hydrated.

A plant friendly environment has been proven to be great for the mind, body and soul. Refresh yourself, reduce stress and increase focus by including plants in your office decor. Send low-maintenance varieties of plants as gifts for a healthy balance throughout your workplace. Talk to the greenhouse specialists at Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse about their wide variety and floral delivery options throughout Fargo, ND.