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Best Blooms for Any Baby Shower

If you are in charge of planning a baby shower, keep it simple! You don’t have to go crazy with any particular style or stress about what the mom-to-be might like…., all you need to do is make sure there are beautiful fresh flowers and go from there. Here at Shotwell Floral, we know from experience that a great baby shower starts with great flowers. Add a few more decorative elements and tasty treats, and you are good to go. For tips, ideas, and floral inspiration, keep reading and know you got this.

A great place to start when selecting flowers for a baby shower is to consider what the baby’s birth flower will be, as well as which blooms the mom-to-be loves. For more baby shower ideas and flowers, see below.

Baby Shower Blooms and Decoration Ideas

Rose Themed Baby Shower

The rose is rich with symbolism and is also the most popular flower in the world. Since roses come in nearly every color, these gorgeous and fragrant blooms will match any baby shower theme. For an elegant and sophisticated look, choose roses in a monochromatic color palette, such as white to cream, soft pink to dark pink, or cream to soft peach-colored blooms. Pastel-colored roses are also a classic and appropriate color palette for baby showers. You can also go loud with a bountiful collection of bright, bold roses. Whichever you decide, roses will elevate any baby shower into a proper and beautiful memorable occasion.

Sunflower-Themed Baby Shower

Big, bright, and filled with joy, sunflowers light up a room, unlike any other bloom. Plus, it is the perfect flower for gender-neutral baby showers. Match the sunflower’s color with decor accents in yellow, dark brown, green, and blue to bring the room to life. Pair sunflowers with mason jars, baby’s breath, and wooden accents for a rustic, farmhouse vibe, or include lots of greenery or pampas grass to create a boho look. For decorative imagery, think of baby bumble bees, sunflower cake decorations, and yellow and white balloons.

Wildflower-Themed Baby Shower

Wild, beautiful, unique, and charming, wildflowers are an excellent choice for baby showers. Wildflowers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and each is remarkable in its own way, just like babies. Tie up bunches of wildflowers and place them near each guest’s plate as a party favor they can take home with them. Or, place a bouquet of assorted wildflowers surrounded by greenery in a vase on each table. Include other wildflower-inspired decor such as napkins, wrapping paper, and tablecloths.

Greenery-Themed Baby Shower

For a green, fresh, and healthy look, fill the baby shower venue with lots of greenery. A trend that’s been growing in popularity, greenery-themed baby showers provide a nature-like experience for guests. Not only are plants healthy because they reduce depression and lift one’s spirits, but they also clean the air and fill the space with gorgeous green colors. Incorporate plants like ferns, peace lilies, or palms in the venue and accent them with pops of color from beautiful blooms surrounded by greenery. This is one baby shower setting that is sure to be relaxing and pleasant as guests breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Complement this look with neutral, wood-like tableware and decor.

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” Baby Shower

A baby shower in April or May can play off the cute expression of  “April showers bring May flowers.” The benefit of throwing a baby shower during this time of the year is the plethora of lovely spring flowers available to you. Spring blooms symbolize birth, new beginnings, and prosperity, all themes perfect for a baby shower. Go crazy and fill the baby shower venue with a vast array of gorgeous spring florals such as peonies, daffodils, daisies, roses, tulips, hyacinth, and pansies. Mix and match your favorite colors and fresh spring blooms to create impressive centerpieces and floral accents.

Flowers are the perfect way to get inspired and celebrate a new bundle of joy! With the ideal petal hues, symbolic blooms, and beautiful miracles from Mother Nature,  there is no better decor item for a baby shower than flowers. Start browsing our favorite flowers here at Shotwell Floral to welcome a new baby or for any flower occasion.