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Best Romantic Gifts to Give with A Bouquet of Flowers

Radiant purple orchids, calla lilies, stock and spray roses are a perfect combination to stun that special someone.

Manhattan Romance

Make an ordinary gift extraordinary by putting just adding flowers. A dramatic, beautiful bouquet of flowers paired with any gift makes it so much more……everything! Flowers are fragrant, fabulous, and make great gifts on their own, so combining them with another item that goes perfectly with them is a definite home run!

Here’s why…. a lush bouquet of flowers instantly puts a smile on anyone’s face, lights up their soul, produces feelings of happiness and serenity, and they are pleasantly fragrant to boot. Any gift you find to pair with flowers is going to look even better.

So, for a few ideas on what to pair with flowers, the floral experts here at Shotwell Florist are here to help. Start by choosing a stunning bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers, then perhaps a gift basket. But, continue reading for our list of excellent gift pairing items that will make you hit it out of the ballpark every time!

Pair One of These Items with Flowers
for the Perfect Romantic Gift

Couple having romantic dinner in restaurant, closeup. Focus on glasses of champagne

Home-Made Dinner

Make the gift extra special by cooking up a homemade meal to go along with the beautiful flowers you just gave to your loved one. There is no better way than this to make someone feel truly pampered.

Spa setting, aromatherapy and health care items

Spa Essentials

Nothing brings serenity and calm quite like treating oneself to an at-home spa session with scented soaps, bath bombs, and essential oils. Pair these spa items with a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers and you’ll make your recipient feel like the most treasured person in the world.

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Chocolates

Artisanal Chocolates

Planning on surprising someone with lush, beautiful, and fragrant flowers? They will certainly be impressed. Including some lush, delicious, and decadent hand-made chocolates along with those flowers? They’ll be on cloud nine!


The sweet and enchanting aroma of fresh flowers does not last long, but some of the floral notes they carry are found in perfumes. Make the lovely fragrance of flowers last longer by combining a floral perfume along with them.

Luxe branding, glamour fashion and boutique shopping concept - Luxury diamond jewelry bracelet and pink roses flowers, love gift on Valentines Day and jewellery brand holiday background design


There are few things in the world more gorgeous than diamonds and flowers. Together, they make an amazing gift showcasing the beauty of each and the magnificence of their combined beauty with the hard brilliance of elegant jewels contrasting against the delicate, soft beauty of flowers.

beautiful rose and bottle of wine on a white background


For an amazing evening of wine and flowers, select a varietal that will enhance the lovely beauty and aroma of the flowers. For example, several wines have “floral notes” that are bold and vivacious or sweet and delicate. These are words that are also used to describe the bouquet of flowers so pairing them visually adds a touch of elegance to the gift.

There are many gifts that pair well with flowers because flowers go with everything! They are the perfect gifts and make everything just so much better. The next time you’re ready to brighten someone’s day with a gift and a beautiful bouquet of blooms, peruse our online selection of floral arrangements for the best quality fresh flowers around.