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Celebrate Halloween with These Frightfully Strange Flowers

October has arrived and, with it, all our favorite festivities of the season. Of course, we’re excited to watch scary movies, eat candy corn, dip caramel apples, and pick out Halloween costumes. However, whenever possible, at Shotwell Floral in Fargo, our florists love celebrating all the seasons and holidays with flowers. So, this October, we’re getting into the spirit of Halloween by sharing some of the strangest and scariest flowers from around the world. Read on, if you dare!

Top 3 Terrifyingly Odd Flowers for Halloween

1. Hydnora Africana


This flower gives everyone the creeps because it looks more monster than plant. This is probably why the Hydnora Africana is thought to have inspired monsters like the plant creature from “Little Shop of Horrors,” the worms in “Tremors,” and the monster from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” series. 

Native to southern Africa, the Hydnora Africana is a subterranean plant that spends most of its life completely underground. It parasitically feeds off nutrients from the roots of plants growing nearby. When it’s ready to reproduce, the jaw-like flowers emerge from the soil and emit a foul odor to attract dung beetles and flies. When these pollinators land on the flower’s flesh, it’s petals snap shut, trapping the insects for several days. 

2. Titan Arum

Sumatran corpse flower – Titan Arum

Native to the island of Sumatra, the titan arum’s name comes from the Greek word meaning giant because it’s an enormous plant. When in full bloom, the titan arum couldn’t fit comfortably in most average rooms, as it stretches to heights up to 20 feet and can measure as wide as 16 feet across. Size isn’t this carrion flower’s only claim to fame, though. It also creates a horrendously strong odor, which is often described as a combination of Chloraseptic, Limburger cheese, sweaty socks, rotting fish, and something slightly sweet. 

3. Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Another Sumatran carrion flower, the stinking corpse lily gets its name from its stench which closely resembles that of decaying flesh. If you don’t smell it before you see it, that’s because it’s so enormous. This record-breaking flower is the largest in the world, with some specimens measuring almost three-and-a-half feet from petal to petal. The stinking corpse lily looks like something from another planet, thanks to its odd attributes. Its red petals, spotted with yellow lumps, are really its most plant-like feature, as the flower grows no roots, leaves, or stems. It lives a parasitic life, solely feeding on the host vines in which it lives. 

Spooktacular Favorite Flowers for October

You don’t have to cut a bouquet of carrion flowers to celebrate Halloween with floral arrangements. You can actually create an exceptionally festive atmosphere, using pleasant-smelling, attractive Halloween and autumn flowers. 

Black Roses

Black Rose

Black roses feel particularly eerie because, like a specter, they embody all the rose’s original beauty, but take on an unnatural appearance. Dyed specially for Halloween, black roses create a perfectly elegant, yet macabre, atmosphere for a costumed dinner party or masquerade Halloween celebration. All-black bouquets also make an impressive statement at a Halloween wedding. You can go for a lighter festive feel by adding in a few orange and yellow blooms. We recommend embellishing these bouquets with fun, Halloween ribbons and even glittery floral picks featuring pumpkins, ghosts, or spiders. 


Orange Chrysanthemums

Not all Halloween flowers have to be scary. We love the traditional cheerfulness of autumn chrysanthemums, and we think you will too! Especially, grand in potted arrangements, mums can help you design a warm, welcoming front door display. You’ll catch the eye of trick-or-treaters and guests alike. Chrysanthemums bloom in nearly every color you can imagine, so it’s easy to find all the autumn favorites like gold, orange, yellow, and burgundy. To keep your plants healthy and blooming throughout the season, be sure to bring outdoor plants inside before a frosty night!

Decorate for Autumn with Seasonal Floral Favorites

If you’re ready to celebrate the season in full color and full bloom, our professional florists at Shotwell Floral can help you select the perfect floral arrangements and accents for October. For example, like our Posh Protea and Bloom Bright bouquets. 

Posh Protea

Bloom Bright

Whether you want to create a warm, welcoming ambiance or a spooktacular spectacle, we have the flowers for you. We welcome you to stop by our flower shop or order online today!