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Fall’s Brilliant Jewel Tones

Autumn is an excellent season for changing colors and admiring the brilliance of change. Cooler temperatures, crisper colors and textures and fresh new fragrances fill the air. Bring a little bit of fall’s natural beauty into your office or place of business this autumn with a gorgeous bouquet of jewel-toned blooms. These rich, deep colors maintain a sophistication and professionalism you want in your office, while inspiring and motivating your co-workers with their amazing textures. Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse  has an excellent selection of elegant jewel-toned arrangements that will bring fall to your office in style.


Warm Jewel Tones vs. Cool Jewel Tones

When you think of jewel-tone flowers, you may think of the warm, rich red, yellow, and orange blooms like chrysanthemums, dahlias, and other iconic autumn stems. Or, perhaps you like the deep, moody, cool hues like blue, green, and purple florals, including calla lilies, orchids, button mums, and delphinium that remind us of the cool sweater weather that is just around the corner. However, both warm jewel tones and cool jewel tones are necessary for creating the perfect warm, cozy, rich, and profound fall arrangement or even Thanksgiving centerpiece. Whether you enjoy utilizing complementary jewel tones or mixing and matching between warm and cool hues, it is important to note the basics based on traditional color theory and the color wheel.

Complementary Jewel-Toned Floral Hues

Gold & Amethyst Flowers

The jewel tones of yellow and purple are nothing short of regal and royal. As you perk up your autumn decor with this dignified duo, look toward blooms like uplifting sunflowers, Craspedia billy balls, daisies, football chrysanthemums, carnations, purple calla lilies, orchids, larkspur, purple pompon, and dianthus. This unstoppable jewel-toned pairing will offer the best of autumn in the most sophisticated and graceful way.

Amber & Sapphire Flowers

A warm amber orange hue paired with a cool sapphire blue is a classic combination of complementary colors. Imagine the deep richness of petals that offer multi-toned oranges like alstroemeria, lilies, button mums, and dahlias nestled among brilliant blues like blue thistle, hydrangea, delphinium, and iris. This color combination is nothing short of cozy and radiant, like the glow of a fireplace with tiny blue flames that crackle above the coals.

Ruby & Emerald Flowers

Our final jewel-toned couple is ruby red and emerald green. Of course, your mind might take you straight to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season with this festive color combo. However, when we look at rich red roses, like carnations, dianthus, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies, nestled among a bed of green eucalyptus or accompanied by green button mums, succulents, green orchids, or even Granny Smith apples, it is undeniably autumn.

Inspire yourself and your co-workers with a gorgeous bouquet of fall colors and textures with a stunning mixture of bold jewel-tones and varying textures. The fresh crispness of autumn has never looked so good! Talk to the designers at Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse about the best choices for your workspace this fall.