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Holiday Gift Recommendations and Experiences For Your Friends and Family Members

What are your family’s holiday traditions and rituals? Do you gather everyone in an Airbnb for a week of cooking and festive movies? Or are you sucked into a whirlwind of parties and gift shopping? This year, save yourself some time figuring out the perfect item, and instead, gift friends, coworkers, and family members something special: a creative floral experience. Few things embody the spirit of giving like flowers, and experiences tend to be more cherished than material items. At Shotwell Floral, the top florist in Fargo, North Dakota, we believe a floral design workshop is a perfect present for anyone, regardless of age or artistic skill. From kids to adults, there’s something enjoyable and rewarding for all.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

The holiday season can be incredibly hectic for moms and parents, who take on shopping for their children and loved ones. Why not surprise them with the present of a flower arranging class? It’s a refreshing way to give them a break from their holiday duties and focus on self-care. They can enjoy their favorite beverage, whether adult or not, while being surrounded by the beauty of flowers. Call or email your local flower shop to see what classes they offer or inquire about creating a personalized session just for them. Embracing creativity and artistry, this could be the beginning of a fulfilling and healthy hobby for your parents.

Experiences to Gift Friends

A private flower design class is perfect if you’re searching for a delightful and rejuvenating activity to share with your closest friends this holiday season. Gather around a table, catch up on the year’s happenings, and share laughter. Embrace your creative spirits as you create flower crowns or other floral arrangements that reflect your unique styles. Don’t forget to make the ideal holiday playlist to enhance the atmosphere. Coming together to share in artistic expression and strengthening your enduring bonds could even become the holiday tradition that ushers in the season and fills you with holiday cheer.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Parents are often on the lookout for activities that encourage their children’s creativity and deepen their connection with nature. A fantastic way to nurture kids’ imaginations and introduce them to the world of flowers is through a floral arts and crafts workshop. It’s a surefire way to have fun while exploring the wonders of fresh blooms, appreciating their vibrant colors and delightful scents. During these workshops, children can create memorable gifts for family members and beloved teachers, including artwork made with pressed petals or tiny flower arrangements. And if they’re particularly skilled, they can craft stylish floral accessories like leis, corsages, and boutonnieres to wear proudly.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

While we spend 40 hours a week in our offices with colleagues, the holiday season offers a chance to connect more personally. Engaging in a creative activity is a fantastic way to bond with your team while embracing the holiday spirit. In this case, instead of making wearable flowers or crafting colorful arrangements, come together to create a succulent garden or plant terrarium. Scientific studies reveal the benefits of putting plants in your workspace, such as improved creativity, heightened productivity, and improved air quality. Furthermore, terrariums and succulents are low-maintenance, making them perfect for the office.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

The holiday season often revolves around family, but many couples enjoy celebrating together to strengthen their bond. Enrolling in a floral design workshop is a beautiful way for partners to spend quality time crafting a romantic bouquet. This experience allows you both to showcase your strengths; one can choose the most beautiful blooms, while the other can master the art of arranging them in the vase. It’s even more special than simply gifting your sweetie flowers because it’s a collaborative effort. Plus, it allows you to improve your communication and teamwork and appreciate the beauty you create together.

Don’t just give flowers; give the gift of learning and bonding with the help of Shotwell Florist. These unique floral experiences are an invitation to create beautiful memories together.

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