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Posted by shotwell florist on July 30, 2018 Uncategorized

Impress Your Kid’s New Teacher With This

Just around the bend is the start of the school year, a time met with anticipation, a little anxiety and a good dose of excitement. Our kids may not be eager to say goodbye to summer, but they’re curious about what they year holds as well. And one of the biggest deals is, of course, who they’ll get for a teacher. Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse has a first-day-of-school hack we’re going to share with you today, a kind of goodwill strategy designed to start things off on the right foot. Our notion is, if you arrive on the first day bearing gifts alongside that bag of school supplies, you’ll be setting your child (and yourself) up for a positive relationship with their teacher. Think of it as a gift for the whole group—happy teacher, happy class.

We love our Stunning Succulent Garden for the job. There’s nothing quite like a desktop garden to introduce nature into the classroom, to offer a little Zen-like vibe and to give everyone something green and growing to look at. Not to mention, plants help oxygenate the air, clearing it of toxins and keeping pollutants and dust levels to a minimum. For the well being of everyone in the class, a plant gift is the perfect touch. It also tells the teacher that you already think highly of them and want to make their job go as easily as possible. Let’s face it, for teachers, the first day of school is almost like starting a new job.

The desktop garden offering is something that can work for all educators, as well as school administrators and staff. It’s a subtle but lovely plant gift, and the best part is, it can thrive for the whole school year and beyond.