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Posted by shotwell florist on December 26, 2018 Uncategorized

Inspiring New Year’s Blooms

As the new year approaches,  we begin to think about making changes in our lives that will have a positive impact on our health, happiness and relationships. The floral experts at Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse want to share with you some ways flowers can accomplish all these things.

  • Flowers increase creativity. Looking at your favorite colors has been proven to make you more creative. Surround yourself with your favorite flowers in blooms of your favorite hues to maximize creative flow.
  • Flowers reduce stress. The color green, particularly in plants and flowers, is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Lower your stress level by keeping a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your desk while you work.
  • Flowers can strengthen your relationships. Taking care of another living thing can make you more compassionate and more empathetic. What great treats to bring into any relationship.

The beauty of a Winter’s Night can be your New Year’s inspiration as you enjoy star of Bethlehem, mini carnations, pods, mixed winter greens and a touch of seeded eucalyptus and bay leaves for a fresh look. This piece is arranged in a pedastal vase for an elegant display.

Ring in the new year with inspiring New Year’s blooms. Talk to the floral experts at Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse to discover the perfect bouquet of flowers for your new year.