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Surround Yourself with the Magnificence of Fall with These Bold Blooms

With the arrival of fall, the overly bright, sun-drenched colors of summer begin to take on deeper and richer hues due to the diffused sunlight autumn brings. Dark shades of red, saturated oranges, deep purples, and rich yellows begin to dot the landscape around us. Every year, the Pantone Institute of Color likes to highlight certain colors of fall they predict will be trending for that year. Of course, fashion designers and marketers will feature these colors in their work to keep things fresh and new.

For those who like to follow trends, the floral designers here at Shotwell Floral won’t disappoint. We love creating beautiful floral designs in a wide variety of fall colors, especially ones that are trending. Keep reading to discover the freshest and popular colors of fall 2021 and gorgeous seasonal blooms to match.

Pantone’s Top Colors for Fall Exhibited in Seasonal Blooms

Green Hues

Two shades of green are featured this year, a bold “leprechaun” green and a more muted, softer “olive branch” green. The bolder tone commands attention while the softer green tone is more of a background player. You find these shades of green in various types of greenery used in arrangements, as well as in green-hued flowers such as mums, carnations, orchids, succulents, hydrangea, and Gerbera daisies.

Blue Hues

Deep and dark blues made the Pantone list this year with their Mykonos Blue, Rhodonite, and Spring Lake. Rich and lovely, these shades are sure to find their way in fall fashion. You can bring these colors into your home with fresh fall florals that bloom in blue like delphinium, hydrangea, hyacinths, bellflowers, cornflowers, and forget-me-nots.

Yellow Hues

Warm, golden yellows are a staple of the fall season, appearing in the changing colors of leaves, candy corn, harvest festivals, and fields of sunflowers. This year, the color of yellow Pantone chose is a bright, intense “Illuminating” yellow that radiates energy, joy, and happiness. Freshen up your indoor space and boost your mood with flowers sporting this shade such as yellow roses, sunflowers, yellow mums, gladiolus, yellow daisies, and fun craspedia billy balls.

Pink Hues

Pink is not a color usually associated with fall, but Pantone tells us to consider it this year. Their 2 pink shades range from a bright, visually powerful “Fuschia Fedora” to a creamier, lovely “Pale Rosette.” These are colors that add grace, flirtiness, and charm. Playfully pink blooms include pink roses, pink alstroemeria, carnations, gerbera daisies, pink calla lilies, and mums.

Red Hues

Red is fall favorite every year and 2021 is no exception. Pantone’s “Fire Whirl” is a bold red that would look awesome as a coat or scarf. Support this autumn favorite by filling your home with red seasonal blooms like dahlias, roses, carnations, celosia, and mums.

Brown Hues

Another popular color for the autumn season, browns show up in changing colors of leaves, branches, the center of sunflowers, and harvest corn. Pantone’s “Adobe” and “Root Beer” are soft shades of medium-tone and dark-toned browns. Brown elements in flower arrangements are found in the form of branches, seed pods, and fall leaves.

Whether you like your flowers in trendy colors or traditional fall colors, the important thing is to celebrate the season with fresh blooms in your home. NOt only do flowers give your home an instant upgrade and pop of color, but flowers also boost moods and give people something to smile about. After you order a bouquet for yourself, send one to a loved one and make their day. Start here to find a gorgeous bouquet of fall florals to accent your home.