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Sweet and Lovely Gifts for Your Greatest Mentors

A holiday with a history deeply rooted in love, Valentine’s Day has evolved over its existence from a ritual to a religious celebration to our modern holiday all about love. Today, Valentine’s Day celebrates many different types of love, including self-love, love of friends and family, and of course, romantic love. Here at Shotwell Florist, the top flower shop in Fargo, ND, our expert florists have put together a list of our favorite flowers for celebrating the mentors in our life that we love and adore. For many of us, mentors have helped shape us into the people we are today. So, for Valentine’s Day, express your sincere gratitude and love for your mentors with some beautiful blooms they can cherish.

Show Your Gratitude with Valentine’s Day Flowers

Gifts for Teachers & Coaches

Many people show their appreciation for a teacher or coach at the end of a season or school year with a bouquet of flowers. However, Valentine’s Day is another great reason to show your love for everything they do with a thoughtful floral arrangement. We recommend green flowers for their symbolism of youthfulness, resilience, and luck or indigo flowers for their symbolism of wisdom, intuition, integrity, and sincerity.

Gifts for Bosses & Coworkers

Almost everyone has a boss or coworker they get to work with most days of the week. This Valentine’s Day, honor the boss or coworkers that help you when you are in need, challenge you, or bring out the best in you as an employee. A stunning bouquet will brighten both the office and their lives. Orange flowers are a great addition to any work environment due to their ties to enthusiasm, success, excitement, and passion for life and work. A classic orange flowering plant is birds of paradise, with its warm coloring that will convey thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Gifts for Mom & Dad

Parents give us unconditional love in such a beautiful and unique way. As the ultimate mentors throughout much of our lives, parents are some of the most deserving of our love, gratitude, and affection. What better gift to express these feelings than with a thoughtful and beautiful floral arrangement? While moms may be fonder of delicate pink, lavender, and white flowers, fathers are often more partial to bold, bright, and sturdy blooms.

Gifts for Grandma & Grampa

Similar to parents, many people have strong relationships with their grandparents, who play a pivotal part as role models, shaping us into who we are today. Maybe you turned to your grandparents when you couldn’t turn to your parents, or maybe they were just always ready to give you the warmest hugs and sweet treats. Whatever your relationship, if you want to show your love and respect for your grandparents this Valentine’s Day, a stunning bouquet is sure to bring a smile to their faces. The orchid’s significant unique symbolism and exotic beauty make them a great choice, especially purple orchids. In general, purple blooms signify dignity, success, tradition, admiration, and adoration.

Gifts for Older Siblings & Trusted Friends

Older siblings, or friends that feel like siblings, offer a unique bond of friendship and love throughout our lives. Whether celebrating Galentine’s Day with a sister or sending Valentine’s Day cheer to your brother, a bouquet of fresh flowers always sends a thoughtful message. Blue aster and goldenrod are known for their symbolism of sisterhood, while low-maintenance and rich colors are ideal for brothers or close guy friends. If you’re looking for universally loved flowers for anyone, yellow flowers symbolize happiness, positivity, and friendship.

The best go-to gift for anyone you love or appreicate, flowers provide a boost of energy and stir up happiness to those who receive them. Varying greatly in color, size, type, and affordability, you can select the perfect personal bouquet for your mentor. Check out our wide selection of Valentine’s Day flowers here at Shotwell Florist in Fargo.

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