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Unique Women and the Unique Flowers they Love

For Women’s History Month, Fargo’s best florist Shotwell Flowers, Plants, & Gifts wanted to know the favorite flower of some pretty spectacular women. In doing so, we discovered how someone’s favorite bloom often reveals much about their character.

Audrey Hepburn – Lily of the Valley

Audrey Hepburn is known as one of Hollywood’s most graceful and beloved actresses. A fashion icon, talented actress, and humanitarian, her favorite flower is the fragrant, delicate, and beautiful Lily of the Valley. With petals creating the shape of a small bell, the Lily of the Valley commonly appears in many celebrations and religious ceremonies due to its sweet beauty and symbolism of happiness, purity, good luck, and virtue.

Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

Lady Bird Johnson’s love of blossoms had a massive influence while she served as First Lady. One of the more important tasks she had taken on the Highway Beautification Act that known as for roadside restoration with plants that are native and flowers. She also created the National Wildlife Research Center in 1982. Lady Bird Johnson was especially fond of wildflowers as well as her favorite was the Lavender Bluebell, gorgeous, delicate purple flowers which symbolize devotion, undying like, and gratitude.

Michelle Obama – Hydrangeas and Pink Roses

Michelle Obama, writer, lawyer, and former First Lady, is known for her dedication, elegance, and passion for the tasks she commits. It is no surprise, then, that Michell’s favored blossoms are the hydrangea as well as rose. Both flower varieties are available in a broad array of colors and are loved by floral designers as well as gardeners across the world. Symbolizing passion and love, Michelle’s preferred rose color is pink. Hydrangeas represent heartfelt, gratitude, and abundance emotion – traits Michell Obama has in spades.

un, and elegant roses, sweet and innocent alstroemeria, accents of rice flower and veronicas, and topped with sassy little leucadendron.

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