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Shotwell Floral

Posted by shotwell florist on August 3, 2018 Uncategorized

Where To Put Those Fresh, Fragrant Flowers

So you arrive home with flowers fromĀ Shotwell Floral or otherwise received them as a gift. Now what?

Your next task is to find a home for those beauties, and you’ll want to take a few things into consideration before you make a choice. You may be tempted to find the busiest spot in the house, wanting your blooms to get all of the attention they deserve. We don’t blame you. We want to admire our flowers for as long as they last, so we’d never put those babies in a corner. On the other hand, some flowers and plants just seem to go in a room better than others. Orchids, for instance, make great statement pieces in the living room, but they are equally perfect in the bathroom, as humidity lovers. A plant works well in a kitchen, where it can help clean the air and regulate the temperature. And roses look divine on a bedside table or dresser. It’s worth asking yourself what your flowers are telling you about where they should live.

We’ll useĀ Simply Purple as our case study. This is a mix of flowers—Gerbera daisy, alstroemeria and carnation, to be exact—all within the same color family. As a result, the feeling is modern, which is supported by the simple glass cube. But with its accents of green and river rock, it carries a bit of an earthy vibe too, making it an equally good choice for a bedroom dresser or a sweet spot on the console behind the couch. There’s no fragrance, so it could work in the dining area as well, and while it doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself, the bold colors provide impact.

By just being a little thoughtful about your flowers, you can match them up to the perfect room in the house. Consider size and scale, color scheme, flower type and the overall feeling of the design before giving your arrangement a happy home in yours.