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Posted by shotwell florist on August 20, 2018 Uncategorized

Who Says No White After Labor Day?

The idea that you should avoid wearing white after Labor Day is an idea that, at least in our view here at Shotwell Florist, should be retired. It’s an etiquette rule that emerged in the 19th century with New York socialites who wanted to distinguish among the classes. To do so, they established a bunch of fashion codes that only those in the know would follow. For these ladies, you packed up your summer whites in preparation for winter, and if you didn’t, it showed your lack of pedigree. See what we mean about an idea that needs retiring?

In fact, not only should you wear whites beyond summer, you should enjoy the palette in all forms year round. One great way to do that is through flowers.

There are lots of reasons to introduce white floral styles to your house at Labor Day and beyond. Our Charming design is a good example to use, with its crisp, clarifying effect. For one, white flowers offer a kind of refresh and reset at the end of one season and the start of another. They work in all rooms and with all design schemes. They make an elegant holiday choice and are equally appropriate during the warmer months, helping to establish a cooler, cleaner look in your home. They are a classic choice through and through, offering texture and blendability.

Labor Day is designated as a time to celebrate the American worker as much as it is to give them a day of rest. Help contribute to that vibe by bringing some Zen-like flowers into your home, and give the no-white-after-Labor Day a break too, while you’re at it.