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Choose Chrysanthemums for the Perfect Fall Flower!

When you think of the colors of fall like vivid bronze, orange and yellow, usually leaves come to mind. Chrysanthemums, a symbol of fall, are also available in the hues of autumn. With so many varieties to choose from, mums are a favorite bloom to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home. Mums are known for their hardiness and ability to withstand the dropping fall temperatures. These flowers provide vibrant color well after the summer season is over. Chrysanthemums are the perfect fall flower! The floral designers at Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse can show you a number of ways to display your favorite varieties of mums in the Fargo area. Make sure you take a look at some of our favorite ways to showcase Chrysanthemums in your home.

Chrysanthemum Varieties

Mums are often prized for their many gorgeous colors and array of sizes that add true beauty to the interior of your home with tabletop displays, elegant floral displays, and stunning planters. Daisy mums often appear in multiple colors with a defined center. Resembling daisies, the center disk is flat and typically yellow, brown, or green, while the petals add a pop of cheerful color in symmetrical circles around the disk. The yellow daisy mums in our Harvest Moon design lend a fall feel to this piece with brown and gold accents. Bronze incurve mums also bring a fresh texture to this design and complement the gold daisy mums beautifully.

Red Cushion Mums

Harvest Moon Bouquet

Daisy Chrysanthemums

Happy Days Design

Potted mums are great to plant in your garden or maintain the way they’re presented. A fresh, colorful design of yellow daisy mums with plenty of fresh greenery will give your garden a pop of color and wildflower feel. Our Happy Days design is a great find- send to someone who’s ready to add chrysanthemums to their own garden!

When to Plant Mums

Although North Dakota has bitter cold winters and a short growing season, by choosing varieties of Chrysanthemums that grow well in zones 3 and 4, mums can be successfully grown and maintained in the Fargo area. By planting in the spring and allowing the plants to have the whole growing season your mums, in all their fall glory, will bloom in the late summer and early fall. Make sure to fertilize the plants well throughout the spring and summer, and plant in an area with full sun. In late fall, after the mums are no longer blooming, a cover of straw or mulch and prevent damage during the winter season.

Fall mums are a quintessential part of decorating for autumn. Selecting large round blooms, small brightly colored flowers or specialty mums such as anemones with vivid hues and black centers make autumn decorations almost effortless. The designers at Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse, in the Fargo area, would love to provide their expertise on mums to help you choose the category of mums that work best for your decorating needs. When the cool temperatures of fall signal that winter is on the way, Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers that have a rich history and truly proclaim that fall is here.