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Get an Excellent Valentine’s Gift for Him at a Flower Shop

Love is in the air in Fargo, and the most romantic day of the year is almost here! If you’re still trying to decide what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, look no further than your local flower shop. At Shotwell Floral, we have a variety of great Valentine’s gifts for men that your sweetheart is sure to adore almost as much as you.

Our Favorite Floral Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Posh Protea is a stylish and elegant flower design, featuring a pink mink protea, rice flower, and a leucadendron, that will add a super chic element to any room

1. Protea

The king protea is a very strong-looking flower, and in our Posh Protea arrangement it reigns supreme alongside rice flowers and leucadendron. This interesting, natural bouquet will catch your guy’s eye — just like you always do!

Simple and elegant, roses and orchids, but packed with style - we know everyone will love it!

2. Red Roses

Roses are wonderful for both men and women. On Valentine’s Day, red roses are perfect because they symbolize romantic love. Rather than sending you man a big, flashy bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, we recommend including them in a slightly unexpected design like our contemporary Love It! arrangement that features red roses with yellow orchids and bamboo.

Elegant white orchid plants in this designer container are a beauty!

3. Orchids

Orchids might not be the first choice that comes to mind when considering flowers for men, but their alluring beauty will remind your guy of you. Our White Elegance Orchid includes a delicate, all-white Phalaenopsis orchid in a lovely ceramic container, and it’s the perfect addition to any office or home.

The Garden of Green Dishgarden is full of beautiful and lush green plants

4. Dish Gardens

Dish gardens are a great choice for a guy with any style, including those whom you think might not fully appreciate a floral arrangement. Our Garden of Green Dish Garden includes an assortment of hand-selected blooming and non-bloom plants that can thrive in just about any indoor environment. These plants will replenish and purify the air while adding a tranquil vibe to the atmosphere.

Popular and easy care succulents in a white ceramic container make a stunning garden

5. Succulents

Succulents are super low-maintenance, which make the perfect choice for a man with a busy schedule. Accented with curly willow and stones, our Stunning Succulent Garden includes a variety of succulent plants in an attractive ceramic container.

Why Flowers Are One of the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Men enjoy receiving flowers just like women, and giving your guy flowers for Valentine’s Day could help you celebrate an extra-special holiday. Studies have shown that men who receive flowers become more open and communicative. They also make better eye contact and stand closer to those who are nearby. So, if you’re hoping to spend an intimate holiday with your significant other, we recommend sending him flowers.

Pick Your Man a Perfect Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

At first, choosing a floral arrangement for a man can feel a little overwhelming, but you’ll soon see that there are actually plenty of options to choose from. We typically recommend skipping pastel colors, as these are often used to create a softer, more feminine look. Instead, spring for bouquets that feature bold, bright, vibrant hues like jewel tones and primary colors. Monochromatic color palettes are also a popular choice for men.

If you don’t feel confident in selecting a floral arrangement for your man, don’t worry! Our florists at Shotwell Floral are always happy to help. Whether you order over the phone, in person, or online, we’ll provide you with professional advice and personalized recommendations to help you choose the perfect gift for your beau this Valentine’s Day.