Shotwell Floral

Shotwell Floral

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In the News: 135-year-old flower shop in Fargo still spreading romance on Valentine’s Day

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day in 2023, J.D Shotwell sat down with WDAY reporter Jay Dahl to discuss his successful business, Shotwell Florist. The company first opened its doors in 1888 in a different industry. “We were actually a company that sold trees for shelter belts back in the beginning of the day, and help protect farmsteads,” Shotwell shared.

J.D. Shotwell speaking

However, the pivot to flowers was a natural move, thanks to Shotwell’s smart and simple approach to working with customers. “I think it’s back to kind of old school mentality of just making sure that you have good quality product, great customer service,” Shotwell continued.

Shotwell Florist exterior

That commitment has kept the shop thriving for all these years, even in the face of post-pandemic disruptions and increased costs across the board. That included a successful Valentine’s Day in 2023. “We haven’t seen a huge extra burst more than normal, but it hasn’t really slowed down either. So it’s been a steady consistent, so we’re very fortunate,” Shotwell added.

In fact, Shotwell sold out of their online storefront — proof of their continued success.

Flowers on website sold out