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Is your Freshman Ready to Move to College?

With all the preparations for moving off to North Dakota State University, the air is electric with emotions, both joyful and somewhat scary. As the must do list is ticked off, there are still other questions about what your students needs for their dorm room. Have you thought about the extras that will make their dorm room both fun and practical? This is why Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse has created a list of gifts that will make dorm living so much easier.


Bright yellow flowers in beautiful basket

Gifts That Show You Care

Something Special to Show Your Love  While your student many be excited about living on their own for the first time, the most essential item on this list lets them know how much you care. Adding a plant to care for is just the thing your student needs to brighten up their new living arrangement. Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse has both green plants and floral bouquets that will be much appreciated by your freshman who may be feeling a little homesick.


A lovely touch of sunshine like our Let It Shine design will spruce up any dorm room or college apartment. A sweet garden basket filled with yellow roses, carnations, lilies, gerbera daisies and golden-aster blend for a gorgeously sunny look to lift their spirits the first week of class.


snack basket full of chips, dips, and nuts



The Fargo Snack Basket is the perfect gift at snack time or anytime on a busy college campus. Make sure your student stays fueled with their favorite snacks for those late-night study sessions!



succulent garden



Our Stunning Succulent Garden is filled with several varieties of succulents in lively shades of green housed in a white ceramic container. Easy to care for, these succulents will add to any dorm room’s décor.

Useful Gifts

White Noise Machine While activities in the dorm going on almost around the clock, having a white noise machine can help your student get the restful night sleep that they need. From construction noises outside to the pick-up football game in the hall, a white noise machine can keep noise at a tolerable level even for those all-important afternoon naps!

Power Strip with Surge Protection Most students will arrive at college on move-in day with several electronic devices including tablets, laptops and printers. Add in a new lamp, a room deodorizer and coffee pot, and a good power strip becomes indispensable! Make sure that you get one with surge protection and a long cord that will allow the power strip to be stored behind furniture or under the bed.

Dry Erase Board and Markers This important tool will be used daily to leave messages, make to-do list and even create an impromptu calendar to keep your student’s schedule up to date. Remembering due dates for papers and important test dates is easy to keep track off with a dry erase board.

An Expandable Drying Rack Dorm laundries can be over-crowded. Finding a dryer for your clothes can be a hassle. Why not bring some clothing items back to your room to air dry. With a folding drying rack you can hang clothing so that it stays put and is not in the way. And when you get caught in the rain crossing the campus, your clothes can hang to fry. No need to take them to the laundry!

Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse provided a list of items that every college student needs on move-in day. From a powers strip to a white noise machine, their items will make life in a dorm much more palatable. Perhaps the most important item is the last one, a reminder of your love. Living away for the first time can be overwhelming. Just knowing the love and support that they have back at home can make the transition much easier.