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Romantic Pastel-Colored Flowers

Pastels are perfect for letting someone know you adore them. In more of a whisper, than a shout, pastels express your feelings in a more intimate, personal manner that’s way more sexy! When thinking about sending someone special in your life flowers, don’t overlook the quiet, yet stunning pastel.

Pastels are usually thought of as a “spring only” flower, but they are actually available all year round. Why are pastels so popular in springtime? Because they are a gentle reminder of the change from winter to summer. The softer colors also symbolize new birth and regeneration. Pretty pastels are undoubtedly uplifting and cheerful in a calm and gentle way. There’s also optimism associated with the light blues, pinks, yellows, peaches, and lavender we see at this time.

Pastel Flowers Are Perfect for Romance

Pastel flowers are commonly seen in weddings due to their understated elegance, sweetness, and personal, yet muted, messages of love.┬áHere at Shotwell Florist, Fargo’s best florist and greenhouse, we enjoy working with the soothing, softer shades of pastel flowers. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Pink Tulips

Tulips are among the most popular flowers in the world and are generally recognized for their bold and stunning colors. This is why the less traditional pale pinks, yellows, and lavender tulips are a nice change from the typical darker ones. The quintessential flower of spring, tulips can be found in an amazing variety of colors and shapes. Tulips have a wide array of symbolic meanings largely based on different cultures. The pink tulip, nevertheless, is usually recognized as meaning sincerity, loving relationships, and well-being.

Pink Roses

The beautiful, pale pink rose is a sign of femininity, elegance, and refinement. A beautiful way to express love and adoration for an individual in a much more hushed way than a red rose, the pink rose is perfect for sending to friends, mothers, and lovers.

Wax Flower

The small and unique wax flower comes in soft shades of purple and pink and is a great accent on floral arrangements. A wildflower predominantly grown in Australia, the wax flower represents long-lasting love, happiness, and good fortune, which makes it a popular floral in wedding bouquets.

Purple Mums

Chrysanthemums can be found in an enormous variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and each with a certain meaning, that’s why florists love working with them. For springtime, the pastel and light-colored mums are perfect for including that soft touch of color to gently welcome spring into the home.


Carnations are charming, colorful, and when utilized properly, downright stunning. Loved by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the carnation comes with a rich historical past and is known as the “flower of the gods.” Carnations can be found in nearly every color and during spring, we love to use the softly-hued colors frequently.


The delicate, fragrant, and gorgeous freesia adds luxuriousness to every arrangement. Coming in an assortment of styles, freesia generally signifies innocence.

A stunning mix of magenta and green flowers, including roses, hydrangea, hypericum berry and ornamental kale, designed in a clear glass vase. The loops of bear grass shelter, and add extra interest and a delicate touch to the beautiful blooms. Purple roses, green hydrangea, and ornamental kale are designed in a clear glass vase and accented with premium foliage.

Magenta Sky

A wonderful mix of lavender, pink, and green flowers, our Magenta Sky bouquet also includes roses, hydrangea, hypericum berries, and ornamental kale. The loops of bear grass shelter, and add extra interest and a delicate touch to the beautiful blooms. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Just Because to a friend or loved one.

For even more gorgeous pastel-colored springtime bouquets, check out our online catalog now.