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Sustainable Floristry Done Right

Flowers are one of the best gifts from Mother Nature. Their color, scent, shape….all so different yet stunning. Additionally, when floral design gurus get a hold of flowers and create awe-inspiring arrangements, it pretty remarkable.

We cannot speak for the big, huge conglomerate nationally operated floral chains, but in case you bought your flowers from a neighborhood florists shop like us here at Shotwell Floral, then it’s far more likely your flowers were sourced in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Blooming Purple Hyacinth

What Is Sustainable Floristry?

Sustainable floristry is a movement that has developed over the past several years that encourages florists to take on green practices to help protect the environment. One way to do this is to source flowers from sustainable flower farms that do not use harmful pesticides or fertilizer but rather grown flowers in a beneficial, harmonious manner with the land.

How Florists Are Practicing Green Initiatives


Sourcing Slow Flowers

Slow flowers are typically grown at local farms and done and so in an eco-friendly manner – meaning no dangerous pesticides, reasonable wages, and little waste. Sourcing slow flowers from local growers is not only good for the environment but good for the local economy as well.

Avoiding Floral Foam

Floral foam is a non-biodegradable, one-time-use plastic product that was once a staple in many floral shops. Now, it is being replaced with more organic and reusable mechanics by floral designers.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

Additional Green Practices of Florists

  • Partnering with green farms who practice sustainable farming
  • Reduce waste through recycling and composting
  • Save water, power, and gas by employing energy-efficient coolers, lighting and also battery-operated vehicles for deliveries
  • Decrease the utilization of plastic through the use of reusable materials for wrapping flowers
  • Repurposing unused florals through donation

Field of Dahlia Flowers

Why It Matters

It makes a difference since we have to negate the destructive influence huge farming has on the planet. It makes a difference since the joy is wanted by us and attractiveness of flowers to become cherished by more decades to come. It makes a difference because most items must be sourced and/or developed with no considerable harm to the environment. Residing in harmony with nature guarantees the gifts Mother Nature offers us is going to continue on down the road.

Sustainable floristry is one of the ways to make certain the symbiotic relationship we’ve with our planet remains balanced and in shape that is good. Flowers are among the greatest gifts from the world and florists that know the technique earth friendly techniques in the business of theirs.

Growing Buds

If you would want additional info on other ways or sustainable floristry where we’re saving the planet, please call us.