The Shotwell Greenhouse

We're All Green Thumbs

Our greenhouses are a big part of our story, and with six of them, they're a big part of what we do. Together, they give us 36,000 square feet of growing space, which can be utilized 12 months out of the year, rain, snow or shine.

We're known for our bedding plants and perennials, but we always have a rich sampling of each season's crops in our greenhouses. Our geraniums and hanging plants in particular keep our customers coming back for more. Maybe that's because we believe that if we're going to grow it, we need to grow it right.

If it's growing in the houses, it's displayed in the store, so our customers always have access to the season's best plants. Shop with us in the summer and you can stroll the endless rows of green yourself. Otherwise, shop the fruits of our greenhouses in the store and online.

Our plant selection is always changing. We invite you to stop in regularly to see what's new.